We belive in Free speech, Everyone should be able to express their talents, creativity, feelings, Ideas, Intelligence
in a video format. We are building a platform so that everyone from all over the world should be able to express
their opnions about anything whatever they want, it could be Art, Music, Drama, Movies, Politics, Marketing,
Education, Environment. Anything whatever they feel like.
This is all about uploading Free Videos for everyone , It could be Music video, videos on Game, Movies, Environment,
Politics and many more. Everyone should be able to voice their opinions , creativity, talent, Intelligence and everyone
should be able to hear their voice and other's voices around the world. Although we are not like others but we are different
I think this world is full of very creative, intelligent,talented people ,therefore please share and express your creativity,
talents and intelligence with the rest of the world. Please read the copyright laws before you upload any video. Please do not
violate any copyright laws.Also Please avoid any Racial or any kind of hate speech or bullying or harrasement or any violence.
Please be Respectful to each other and treat everyone as your friends.
Thank You.